The UTB Certified Leader & Presenter Programs

The UTB Certified Leader & Presenter Programs
Here is what some recent program participants said:
From classroom teacher to part time presenter, and now working full time with the UTB team.  This program has supported me throughout my journey and helped me transition through each of the stages of my development.

Tim Thatcher; New Zealand

I have been a part of the UTB Certified Trainer Program for 2 years now.  Not only have I received ideas and inspiration for leading DT in my school, but have also had the opportunity to present for UTB and Google in various locations around NSW.

Tieren Kilgour; Australia
I have thoroughly enjoyed the monthly webinars, opportunities to bounce ideas off other trainers as well as travel to various parts of Australia to deliver training on behalf of UTB.  My students benefit every time I participate.
Clint Bullock; Australia
What is the UTB Certified Leader & Presenter Program?
The UTB Certified Leader Program consists of 6 modules designed to develop your presentation and leadership skills within your own school context.

Module 1: Getting started with your certification process - how to become a certified trainer for Google, Apple, and Microsoft.
Module 2: How to set goals and routines to increase your effectiveness and decrease your workload
Module 3: The school transformation framework & how to lead from the middle
Module 4: Coaching models that work & how to develop an effective PD plan that engages ALL staff
Module 5: Andragogy, Heutagogy, and Pedagogy - understanding your audience.
Module 6: The learning design process

The UTB Certified Presenter Program follows on from the Certified Leader Program and consists of 6 modules designed to develop your presentation and leadership skills outside of your school context and potentially work on behalf of Using Technology Better.

Module 1: How to plan a training session
Module 2: Design principles & designing resources for participants (print and video versions)
Module 3: How to deliver effectively Part 1 (in person and via video)
Module 4: How to deliver effectively Part 2 (what to do when things go wrong, how and when to go off script)
Module 5: Evaluating your training, reflection & continual improvement
Module 6: What it's really like presenting for a career - what to expect and pitfalls to avoid

* When you have successfully gained the Presenter Certification you are able to present in schools, conferences and events around the world on behalf of the Using Technology Better team.
Choose the STEAM or Digital Fluency Strand (or do both), the choice is yours.
When joining the program you can choose to specialise in our STEAM / Digital Technologies Strand, or our general Digital Fluency Strand.

The STEAM strand helps you develop a pedagogy of STEAM where Digital Technologies is integrated in meaningful ways across the curriculum.

The Digital Fluency Strand will develop your skills in training staff and students to effectively use technology, whether this be in a 1:1, BYOD, or any other format.
How you can benefit from joining the Certified Trainer Program:
  • Get access to our school transformation framework developed from best practice documentation from Google, Apple & Microsoft as well as other organisations such as ISTE.
  • Go beyond talking about school transformation and the need to change, to achieving change within the first 90 days.
  • Connect with, and learn with other school leaders.
  • Regular coaching calls where we review your progress and help shape your next 90 day journey.
  • Access all our tools, staff training courses, surveys, frameworks and more to ensure you have the right training at the right time for your whole staff.
  • Based on the best practice and advice from Google, Microsoft & Apple, we can help guide you towards a successful technology program that works!
What you'll get
Our frameworks, survey tools, templates, and guides
These tools and resources will help you accurately assess where your school is at in terms of your goals, and help chart a course that is achievable and sustainable.
Access to our courses for you and your staff
Our Google, Microsoft, Apple and STEAM training is on demand 24/7 for your staff providing them just in time training.
The UTB Trainer Certification 
As a UTB Certified trainer, your school and wider community can be confident that you have been through a certification process demonstrating your skills and knowledge.
Monthly coaching calls
Stay up to date with the latest trends, resources + ask your questions of our certified trainers and other group members.
The opportunity to present at conferences and other schools
This is one of our certified trainers presenting at Google HQ in Sydney.
Live trainer boot camps
Attend our free train the trainer boot camps where you will hone your presentation skills, and stay up to date with the latest trends and tools.
What makes this certification program different?
While others are talking about school improvement and transformation, we are getting the job done.

The focus is on action, not discussion:
Whilst discussion is very important, too many programs simply talk about school change.  We all know things need to change, the question is what can we DO to make a difference in a sustainable way? We will show you WHAT is working, WHY it is working and help you set goals that are motivating and achievable.

You are in control:
The Certification Program is is designed with you in mind.  We help you set some goals and provide the training and support you to achieve them.  There are no set courses, you learn what you need, when you need it.

We have a holistic process:
We provide the training you need for staff, a transformation process you can follow, as well as frameworks and survey tools.

We are also a Google, Apple, and Microsoft partner company; we don't just push one device or platform and can help you navigate your way through the myriad of technology choices.
Great! I want to lead my school to be future ready and potentially provide training on behalf of the UTB Team.
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