eReadyTM School Program Will Help You
Transform Your School Culture & Prepare for a Technology Rich World
Here is what some recent course participants said:
"Stop what you're doing, enrol in the course and be prepared to be blown away!"

Jackson Farquhar; Empire Bay Public School 
"This course is a must for anyone that wants to shake up the old stale ways of teaching."
Brendan Baxter; D.P at Botany Public School 
"We now have a strong, clear vision to underpin our decisions about infrastructure and programs"
Andrew Watson; Principal Lumsden School 
What is the eReadyTM School Program?
The eReadyTM School Program is for school leaders who are looking for tools, frameworks, systems and coaching to develop a school transformation program that works for your staff and students.

Based on the best practice and advice from Google, Microsoft & Apple, we can help guide you towards a successful technology program that works!
A Holistic Approach is Essential
Google, Apple, and Microsoft ALL agree that there are 7 essential elements every technology plan must have.  Even if you are strong in a number of areas, your technology plans can, and will fall short of your expectations.

+ Use our proven tools, frameworks, & surveys to know exactly where you stand in each of the 7 elements.

+ Set clear goals to take your school from good to great in all 7 areas, developing a positive culture of improvement in the process.

+ Gain an outside, global perspective of what is working right now, and apply this to your current context.

How you can benefit from joining the eReadyTM School Program:
  • Get access to our school transformation framework developed from best practice documentation from Google, Apple & Microsoft as well as other organisations such as ISTE.
  • Go beyond talking about school transformation and the need to change, to achieving change within the first 90 days
  • Connect with, and learn with other school leaders
  • Regular coaching calls where we review your progress and help shape your next 90 day journey
  • Access all our tools, staff training courses, surveys, frameworks and more to ensure you have the right training at the right time for your whole staff.
What you'll get
Your Own Transformation Pathway That Works
We will help you develop and execute a plan that will see you progress in each of the 7 essential elements every 90 days.
Access To Certified Training Courses For Your Staff
Our Google, Microsoft, Apple and STEAM training is on demand 24/7 for your staff providing them just in time training.
The eReadyTM School Certification 
As an eReadyTM Certified School, your staff, students and wider community can be confident that you have developed a thorough, well thought out plan.
What makes this community different from other School leadership / transformation communities?
While others are talking about school improvement and transformation, we are getting the job done.

The Focus is on Action, Not Discussion:
Whilst discussion is very important, too many programs simply talk about school change.  We all know things need to change, the question is what can we DO to make a difference in a sustainable way? We will show you WHAT is working, WHY it is working and help you set goals that are motivating and achievable.

A Global Perspective:
Programs don't work, principles do.  We love the quote by Dylan Williams "What works is rarely the right question, because everything works somewhere, but nothing works everywhere, which is why in education the question should be under what conditions does this work?"

We Take a Longer View of Change:
We overestimate what we can achieve in the short term, and underestimate what we can achieve in the long term.  The eReadyTM Certified School Program is for those who are looking to take consistent action towards your goals. This is not a short term discussion about the need for change, this is a long term program that delivers consistent and sustainable change.

We have a holistic process:
We provide the training you need for staff, a transformation process you can follow, frameworks, survey tools. We are also a Google, Apple, and Microsoft partner company; we don't just push one device or platform and can help you navigate your way through the myriad of technology choices.
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