Getting Started with Seesaw
Want lessons your students get excited about?
The ones they remember for a lifetime?
Seesaw provides a powerful online platform that will help you deliver amazing learning opportunities
for your students - the kind they are going to love you for!
This course has 8 short modules that you can complete at your own pace

Module 1:
Account and Classes

Follow best practice in setting up your account and set yourself up for success from the get go.

Module 2:
Content Creation Part 1

Learn how to create and assign new activities. Use content creation tools and response templates.

Module 3:
Content Creation Part 2

Access community library and customise tasks. Learn what to look for and how to assign community tasks.

Module 4:
Student Perspective

Learn about student response tools, announcements, response templates and peer feedback.

Module 5:

Learn how to use comments, audio feedback, support templates and self evaluation ideas.

Module 6:

Learn how to create collaboration tasks, use the comments and audio feedback plus restrict class settings.

Module 7:
Reflecting on Learning

You'll create exit tickets, use media tools and visuals for engagement and structure reflection responses.

Module 8:
Reflecting on Learning

Explore protocols, language, choice, trust and teacher visibility through movie and audio.

What is Seesaw?
Seesaw is an online learning platform that creates a powerful learning loop between teachers, students and families, keeping them connected so learning happens everywhere.
Watch this quick 1 minute introduction from Paul on what this course will teach you in Seesaw.
Probably you... high chance :) 
If you've never used Seesaw before and wouldn't know where to start... but DO know you want to encourage connection, collaboration and engagement amongst your students - this course is for you! 
If you're using Seesaw just a little but want to up your game and use the full functionality within the online platform - this course is for you!
Let us help you create the most amazing lessons for your students, lessons they will remember forever!
What will you learn?
This course will teach you how to be creative with your own class. You will learn how to create engaging content, give and receive content, encourage student collaboration plus reflect and evaluate. 
You'll finish this course with an enriched skillset that allows you to deeply understand student thinking and progress.
Register for the 'Getting Started with Seesaw'
online course now for only $49!
Meet your Trainer: Paul
Paul always has the student front and centre when public speaking or training educators about the effective use of technology.

He is an experienced classroom teacher, speaker and trainer. His strengths lie in strategic planning, 1:1 environment, creativity, design thinking, immersive and emerging technologies, and all things Apple.
Tell me, any of these thoughts running through your mind? 
Is it actually possible to teach online with your students? I have never used an online platform and am a little scared?
I think my students are too young! I'm not very good with technology.
Yes, it is actually possible to teach online with your students.

Don't be scared anymore, digital technologies is a whole new world but it's nothing to be scared of and certainly nothing to be defeated by.

With good pedagogy and lesson plans, technology is an amazing tool that empowers students of all ages.You don't have to be "good" with technology to start. You just have to start. Come on, join me and let me show you something awesome.
What payment methods are available for this course?

You can choose to pay by credit card, or request an invoice that can be paid by your organisation. Select the option you require on the course payment page.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge on Seesaw before beginning this course?

Absolutely not! This is an introductory course with no prerequisites skills. It is perfect for beginners or those who have limited knowledge of Seesaw.

Do I need to have a Seesaw Plus account to take the course?

This is not required, however, it is useful for you to have a school email account linked to your school. All the activities and tutorials in this course have been made with the Seesaw FREE account.

Who are the presenters delivering the course?

This course is presented by Paul Hamilton, an Apple Distinguished Educator and technology trainer at Using Technology Better.

Do I receive a certificate for the course?

Yes. You can request a certificate after completing all of the course modules.

I am a teacher in NSW, Australia. Is this course accredited with NESA?
No, this course is not accredited with NESA.
How long will I have to complete the course?

Your registration includes 12 months access to the course materials.

Can I ask questions during the course?

Yes. The course platform includes a discussion forum and a private chat facility.

How do I contact Using Technology Better now if I have another question before I register?

You can email us at any time via [email protected].

AUS (02) 8005 7066 | NZ (03) 669 2973 | USA (714) 987 9833
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